Lubes 101

Water-Based: Compatible with all toys, condoms, and generally body friendly, water-based lubricant reduces the friction sometimes felt below the belt. If you want to ensure that your most sensitive parts are DTF all night long, then grab yourself a bottle of high-quality water-based lube and you will be raring to go. 

Hybrid: Take a little water-based, add little silicone, and you've got yourself the best of both worlds when it comes to lubricants. Due to the smaller amount of silicone in these, hybrid lubes are condom and toy friendly!

Silicone: Silicone lubes stay slicker longer, making them great for those long nights (and days!) of playing. Generally speaking, we advise not using silicone lube with silicone toys as it tends to have a chemical reaction. It is fantastic with glass and aluminum toys, however. Another fun fact, warming and cooling lubes made with silicone have a higher, or lower, temperature. Try a little before you go all in to ensure that the mood stays sexy. 

Warming/Cooling: Use one at a time or combine them for a for a new combination sensation. You can also put opposing temperature lubes on your warmed or chilled toys for extra fun! The Chazzy Girl recommends chilling a glass massager and adding a warming silicone lubricant for pleasure you are sure to remember.