Chazzy Couples Boutique & the EXXXOTICA Expo

Chazzy Couples Boutique & the EXXXOTICA Expo

                                                                                     Friday October 27th, 2023 


You know that feeling you get when you’re part of something big..., really BIG? When you and your team work together to create something from scratch, from start to finish, and you step back and take it all in? That’s how I feel about Chazzy Couples Boutique’s pop-up store every time it happens. It’s my baby. I am proud of it, in awe of it, and it definitely drives me crazy.  

But first, let’s take it back a few years and get you up to speed on what I am talking about... 

EXXXOTICA was born in 2008 and Chazzy has been along for the ride since its inception. Starting off with a 6’ table and under the name of one of our brick-and-mortar stores, the crew sold vibrators, DVDs and a smattering of lingerie. EXXXOTICA grew and with that growth Chazzy was able to expand its store within the expo, each year and each event drawing a larger crowd. The summer of 2021, EXXXOTICA Chicago, is when I brought my talents from our shops to our events. It wasn’t just my first time coordinating our pop-up store for the expo, it was also my first time attending the expo.  And let me tell you that was an amazing and unforgettable experience, to say the least. By then our 6’ table of products expanded to cover over 1,500sqft and we had branched out, bringing more of what our brick-and-mortar stores carry and more of what of what sets us apart from other adult stores.  

This week we will pack up our 26’ truck and head from home up to Edison, NJ for my favorite show of the year. This event marks the 15th anniversary of the EXXXOTICA Expo and is breaking records with ticket sales.  The line-up of performers, seminars, and hand-crafted adult goodies is off the charts! And then there’s us, Chazzy Couples Boutique, now rocking over 4,500sqft of pleasure products (picture the size of a basketball court!), curated by me, The Chazzy Girl. You’ll find products that we sell online and, in our stores (Sexy Suz Couples Boutique and The Love Library), but you will also find products that are exclusive to our EXXXOTICA shows along with Ms. Calley Kush and her Hot Box, bringing you smokeables, edibles, their accessories, and much more.  

On Wednesday, November 1st, we’ll roll into the convention center with our massive truck, filled to the brim with set-up supplies and 8,000 goodies ready and waiting to be consumed, played with, shared, and most importantly, enjoyed by you guys. The dates are Friday November 3rd – 5th, with Friday being Ladies’ Night. Peep the schedule, celebrity line-up, grab your tickets, and check their future dates here, on their website. Scroll through the pix so you can really see what this amazing process looks like in action, from start to finish. And make your plans to come meet the Chazzy crew, and me, The Chazzy Girl, next weekend at EXXXOTICA Edison, NJ! 


Stay Sexy, Interneters,  


🖤 The Chazzy Girl 🖤 


Come back next week for exciting details about a new line of toys, launched by one of our favorite brands, that will be showcased for the first time. 


Pulling the 26' truck into the expo center to start unloading 

How many bins do you think it takes to transfer 8,000 products?

Getting the walls up and in place

The teamwork that it takes to make this work creates a bond like none other!

We even keep a fridge fully stocked with cold Cloud 9

Chazzy Couples Boutique & Calley Kush...BFFs!

Calley's Hot Box is always smokin'

Looking for ways to enhance the mood? Calley is sure have what you need

Who says diamonds are a girl's best friend? 

Lubricants, toy cleaners, pheromones, massage oil...We've got it all

6pm Friday and we are ready to roll! 


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