Collection: Air Technology Toys

Whether you've heard it called: Suction, Air Pulse, Pressure Wave, or Air Technology, all of the toys in this collection use air to stimulate the clitoris (or nipples!!).

No one will forget when The Rose took social media by storm. Adult retailers could not keep them on the shelves. What most customers did not know, is that this type of toy was created almost a decade prior and brought to us by a toy manufacturer that is still one of leaders in the "Air Tech" game: Womanizer...and Oh, do we love ourselves a Womanizer!

In this collection you will find a plethora of high-quality, top dollar, products that will become a staple in your toy box. You'll also find quality toys that are more budget friendly that make a great choice for introducing you or your partner to the world of "Air Tech" toys, and let me tell you, there is no other toy like them. 

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