High Vibes vs. Low Vibes

High Vibes vs. Low Vibes

We already know that vibrating toys come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and colors, intended for different parts of our bodies. If you’ve gone into your local adult store and talked with a staff member, you may have learned that vibrating toys come with different types of vibrations as well. Traditionally, we call them “buzzy” and “rumbly” or refer to them as toys with a high-frequency vibration vs. toys with a low-frequency vibration. Sounds simple enough, right? But what does that mean when we are talking about how toys feel and not people’s energy (“high vibes only”) And what does that really mean for you when it comes to pleasure? Everyone’s different, but I will let you in on a little secret....it’s cool to like both. Lots of us like both. But it’s also normal not to like one, or for one not to “work” for you.  


Let’s get a little sciency here, because after all, smart is sexy! What’s the difference between high-frequency and low-frequency vibrations (vibes)? As you may know, when we are talking about vibe frequencies, we are still talking about sound waves created by the movement of something. In this case the action of the motor in our toys. And you guessed it, high frequency has a higher pitch, meaning that if we were to look at the movement of these waves, they would be closer together with a narrower arc, also known as wavelength (see pix below). In the adult toy world, we call this one “BUZZY”. Thereby making our low frequency the opposite; a lower tone, with a (when visible) wider arc, or longer wavelengths, that are more separated from one another. We call this one “RUMBLY”.  


Generally speaking, the smaller the toy, the smaller the motor (obvs) and the closer the motor is to the outside/top/surface of the toy as in bullets. This gives them that BUZZY feel that we are talking about. That is not a hard and fast rule though because there are plenty of great bullets out there with a deep rumble (I’ll share some examples later).  And there are other toys that have that buzzy feel to them as well: pinpoint or toys with a pointed tip for targeted stimulation and even some wand type massagers. When you turn the toy on it will make a “zzzzzzzzzzzz” sound, kind of like a bee buzzing, and you may even feel a slight tingle in your fingers or hand as those vibrations transfer down. Toys with a low-frequency vibration, a rumbly motor, tend to be quieter, producing a lower sound due to the lower wave, and generally don’t give your hand that sensation (unless we are talking about some powerhouse toys (see below). Vibrating anal and male toys also come with variations in the style of motors.  

How do you know which one you like? By trying them both, of course! If the toy world is new to you, I always suggest taking a field trip to your local adult store; see if they have any testers. (Testers you hold in your hands, guys!) Ask them to show you some different ones and see if you can tell which is which. Or if you are a toy owner but this is new info to you, go to your toy stash and pull some out to compare. **If you have time for a solo-sesh, use 1 or both types to see how your body responds. (A tip from The Chazzy Girl: try the rumbly one first and even if you orgasm, go for round 2 with the buzzy one to see if you can orgasm again!) If you already know what I am talking about and you made it all the way through to this part, thank you for taking time to read it! XOXO 


For the sake of breaking down the sensation of the high vs. low vibes we are going to focus on the clitoral area because there are 10,000 reasons why these vibes can make, or break, your play time. The BUZZY toys tend to give what I like to refer to as a more “topical” stimulation and orgasm. Sensations that get a response from the nerves closest to the surface of the clitoral area. These are often quick and “zingy”. You may read some other bloggers saying that only “cheap” toys have a buzzing vibe. NOT TRUE! You may have read that buzzy toys only make you numb. NOT TRUE! This is a blanket statement that can make people feel uncomfortable with not only how they receive pleasure, but their wallet and we don’t want that. Most of us in the industry lovingly call people who crave and need this high vibe, “POWER QUEENS”. (Let’s create a space where we can own our pleasure and not feel judged by it). With that being said, some of us clitoris owners aren't into the feel of the buzz. If you’ve tried a toy and it did make your clitoris numb, maybe it felt great for a minute, but then it didn’t, or perhaps you made it almost all the way, thinking you are about to orgasm, and then nothing…(I call this having a “blow-out”) and now your clit has gone into hiding and you don’t even want to look at your toy. That’s OK too! The Chazzy Girl is here with 2 suggestions: 1) Try using that toy around your clit! These 10,000 nerves are not just on that cute little bean we have folks! Run that buzzy toy up and down in between your labia or between the “glans clitoris” and the vaginal opening (if you’ve never tried this, you will thank me later!) 2) Try a toy with a rumbly, low-vibration, motor. These vibrations tend to penetrate the deeper nerves in the clitoris and can produce a deeper, more encompassing orgasm (depending on the user). Some folks find that this frequency is less likely to stress the clit. You can also use these toys all around the clit, as suggested above. The key thing to remember is that each body is different, and each of us can have different responses to different stimuli at different times (times being cycles of the month, mental and physical) or even based on the moment. There is no cookie-cutter way to approach this. And of course, other types of clitoral toys use other types of non-vibrating functions to stimulate, for example: air pulse, suction, tapping, or flicking. As I mentioned above, I highly recommend using more than one type of clitoral toy during play time for multiple opportunities to orgasm, and to be able to experience different types (depths and intensities) of your orgasms.  

In closing...Practice, practice, practice! The more you do, the more easily you’re able to orgasm, and the more multiple orgasms you may be able to achieve! 

“Orgasaming begets orgasming!” ~The Chazzy Girl  


Stay Sexy Interneters,  

 The Chazzy Girl 

Image shows comparison of high and low wavelengths          Diagram of the clitoris


Nu Sensuelle Nubii Evie - PinkEvolved Inferno       Hitachi Magic Wand Original

 Nu Sensuelle - Evie     Evolved - Inferno    Magic Wand - Original



     Evolved - The Mighty Thick             We-Vibe - Touch X     Pillow Talk - Sassy

  Evolved - The Mighty Thick      We-Vibe - Touch X       Pillow Talk - Sassy


This toy has multiple motors giving you the choice of a buzzy feel, or a rumbly feel, or both at the same time! The Nu Sensuelle - Tulip

Nu Sensuelle - Tulip

Nu Sensuelle has created a color-coded Motor Classification system, used on their packaging, making it even easier to experiment with your pleasure!

Nu Sensuelle Motor Classification Guide 


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