Not all lubricants are created equal.  As I always say, a cheaply made lube is like drinking bottom shelf liquor; it'll get the job done, but you may not like it in the process! Below is a quick tutorial...If you'd like to know more about things like the viscosity of different brands, the benefits and drawbacks of particular ingredients, or hear our staff's top picks, then be sure to stay tuned to our blog for all of the deets.  You can sign up for our emails and be sure not to miss a thing!  

Water based:  Easy to clean up, compatible with all toys and condoms.

Hypoallergenic/Sensitive: Water based lube that doesn't contain the most common irritants: parabens and glycerin.  However, if you are particularly sensitive you may want to contact the store and consult with a staff member about some options.  678-404-7592  or email us at

Silicone:  Made of silicone and typically other things like Vitamin E, great for use in water, skin to skin and condoms, stays slick.  Not for toys, and may temporarily stain your sheets. 

Hybrid:  A blend of water based and silicone, doesn't dry up as quickly.

Anal:  Could be water based or silicone, also typically available in hybrid form, most often has an ingredient that either warms or cools the area, often comes in a thicker viscosity that is thick like jelle.

Flavored: Generally a water based or hybrid, sweetened with glycerin, stevia or aspartame, some taste fantastic, not a good choice for toys or intercourse (generally speaking), always a 2 thumbs up for oral.

Temperature & Stimulating: These could be any variety of bases, the key is the extra ingredients...warming and cooling will have natural products that promote the feeling of either temperature, i.e. peppermint, menthol, cinnamon or clove.  Stimulating lubes make the area slightly warm and tingly.

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