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The Chazzy Girl Talks……Is a blog that is going to be chocked full of all things Chazzy!  That means educational information about things that are important to you and to us.  Have you ever wondered if you can get addicted to adult toys? or Exactly how big is the biggest___??? Did you see that thing they had on that show the other night? What’s that for?  But we aren’t here just to answer your sexual health questions.

We are also here to share, inform and educate each other on things having to do with spiritual, mental and physical well being.  We are here to tell dirty jokes and make you laugh with stories about what it’s like to actually work in an adult store.  We might share some DIY projects with you or a how to video.  The possibilities are exciting!! 

If there is a question you would like to have us answer in a post…If you are a blogger, or writer, and would like to contribute…Please email Beka@chazzy.com We would love to have you join us!  

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…Cannabis and Sex

How using this flower for its medicinal properties can help you to unwind and connect with your partner, day or night.