About Chazzy

Chazzy Couples Boutique and Chazzy.com offer a new way to think about wellness, with the knowledge you want, the brands you trust, and the personal care you deserve. Chazzy is overflowing with products for mental, physical, spiritual and sexual health. Our store is located at 3466 Holcomb Bridge Rd Suite P Peachtree Corners, GA 30092.  

We opened our first store, Sexy Suz Couples Boutique, in Athens, Ga over 11 years ago. Sexy Suz is still going strong and continuing to specialize in adult products with a highly trained and compassionate staff. Our second store is The Love Library in Rome, Ga and it opened 7 years ago. The Love Library is like Sexy Suz in that their specialty is adult and sexual health, run by a staff with up-to-date knowledge of the industry and a comfortable atmosphere where you can shop without the stigma. With the opening of Chazzy Couples Boutique outside of Greater Atlanta, Ga, we brought a new concept into the traditional world of the “adult store”, broadening our focus to include the Whole Human, inside and out.


Why Choose Us

Chazzy specializes in making our customers feel safe and comfortable in a clean, classy, and bright atmosphere-never shady or icky! We are committed to sexual education and reducing stigma. Whether you are single or have been married for ages, we have something perfect for everyone! Our highly educated and friendly staff can't wait to assist you! LGBTQ+ friendly, judgement-free zone!

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